Ten Reasons why you should wear High Heels…

You should wear high heels because;

1 ) It makes you look sexy
2 ) Your legs look a lot longer
3 ) You are burning calories, just by standing
4 ) It gives you better posture
5 ) Your hips will wiggle sexier
6 ) It inspires confidence
7 ) Your ass looks better on high heels
8 ) Men think it’s attractive
9 ) There are so many amazing killer heels
10 ) Everybody just loves them ❤

So for all the fashionista out there, don’t hesitate, just wear high heels… Always!!


    • So do we 🙂

      lovely blog you have…!!

      we will visite it more often ❤


  1. clemence said:

    they look nice at young women, old women look cheap 🙂

  2. phuong said:

    The first one is gorgeous! Amazing style and color!

  3. I can’t believe these information was buried under piles and piles of junk content keeping the first page of google.

  4. you’ve gotten an awesome blog right here! would you prefer to make some invite posts on my blog?

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