Add a little Posh to your wardrobe…

The Victoria Beckham Collection, since it’s out there for a while you’ve probably heard about it before. Although there were a lot of fashion insiders sceptical about “Posh Spice” as a designer she maneged to succeed in the fashion bussiness. Remember the Rock & Republic jeans? That’s were it all started. Now, only a few years later, she has her own clothing and accessoiries line – The Victoria Beckham collection. Celebrity’s like Heidi Klum, Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz are already spotted in her dresses. And ofcourse Victoria herself is the perfect walking-ad for the collection. One of the things we relate to Victoria Beckham, besides the Spice Girls, is her Hermès Birkin Bags. We’re wondering.. how many does she own? So when we heard a couple of weeks ago that she designed a bag collection to add on her own line we got very curious. In our opinion she did a great job. We’re officially in love with The Victoria Beckham Collection, including her bags.

Check it out yourself at

  1. Miriam said:

    She’s actually proved herself, her line has been really successful 🙂

    • thank you 🙂

      nice blog yourself!

      hope to see you again at ours ❤


    • hihi but sometimes we are allowed to make an execption… 🙂

      thank you so much for your sweet comment,
      hope to see you again,

      love xoxo

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