Get a gift from Mr. Jacobs

We love Marc Jacobs for thinking of those who can’t afford the super-high price tag that comes with designer clothes. By creating budget-friendly pieces he gives us fashion lovers a chance to get a real Marc Jacobs for an affordable price. Bags, shirts, jewelry, flipflops, rainboots.. think it’s time for a shoppingspree.

The Gift Box necklace only costs $12,- and is available at selected Marc Jacobs stores.

    • thank you so much for your comment,

      hope to see you again

      XOXO Cecile, Pien, Lissa

    • We do to 🙂 and this stuff is affordable to ❤ !!

      We took a look at your blog to, but unfortunately we can't read Swedish :)!!

      Hope to see you again at soldoutforever…

      with love Cecile, Pien, Lissa

    • we do to ;)!!

      thank you for visiting our blog, hope to see you again soon!!

      xoxo Pien, Cecile, Lissa

      • MEREI said:

        – ofcourse! im checking it every day! keep up the good work! ciao 🙂

      • aaah that’s so sweet 🙂 !!


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